What Are The Components Of A Tattoo Gun?

What Are The Components Of A Tattoo Gun?


A tattoo gun, also known as a tattoo machine, is used to create permanent tattoos. It consists of several components that work together to deliver the ink into the skin. The following are a tattoo gun’s main components and functions: Visit this site to buy wireless tattoo machine.


The frame, the housing or casing, is the outermost part of the tattoo gun that holds all the other components in place. It is typically made of metal, such as iron or aluminum, and has a grip for the tattoo artist to hold onto. The frame is often adorned with decorative elements to make it more aesthetically pleasing.


The motor is the heart of the tattoo gun, providing the power to drive the needles. It is typically an electromagnetic motor that rotates a small cam, moving the needles up and down. The motor is usually located in the frame and is powered by a power supply.

Armature bar:

The armature bar is a metal rod that connects the needle group and the motor. It connects to the cam and reciprocates (moves up and down) as the motor runs, which causes the needles to move in and out of the skin. The armature bar is a critical component that helps deliver the needle movement and power needed to perform the tattoo.

Needle group:

The needle group, also known as the needle bar, is the part of the tattoo gun that holds the needles. The needles are inserted into a tube on the needle group, which guides them into the skin. The needles come in different sizes and configurations and can be changed depending on the tattoo artist’s preference and the client’s needs.

Tube and grommet:

The tube is a small cylinder that sits inside the needle group and holds the needles in place. The grommet is a small rubber ring that sits between the needle group and the tube. It helps to keep the needles in place and prevents them from moving around. It also helps reduce the vibration of the needles during the tattooing process and makes for a smoother tattoo.

Power supply:

The power supply is an electronic device that provides electricity to the tattoo gun’s motor. It is typically connected to the frame of the tattoo gun and is controlled by a foot switch, allowing the artist to turn the machine on and off. The power supply can be adjusted to control the speed and power of the tattoo gun.